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4 Reasons Why Our Customers Choose Us

True Experts

Our US based team of Functional & Technical Experts have on average 15+ years of experience across multiple areas. These are Experts with Implementation, Upgrade & Post Go-Live Support expert knowledge and experience. Almost all of them are cross module experts so they truly understand the upstream & downstream impacts of change.

Cost Effective

We always say "you don't have to overpay for Experts". It's true. We have very cost effective pricing for high quality solutions. Also, we have multiple pricing options to meet your needs. Our model for fulfilling solutions is extremely efficient and effective. It can significantly reduce the overall costs while still maintaining high quality results.

Tailored Solutions

We tailor the exact solution to fit your needs. A one size fits all does Not work. We listen to what your goals and needs are and we tailor an exact solution to meet your needs.

Operational Optimization | Functional and/or Technical Support | Counsel | Upgrades | Module Implementations and of course Staff Augmentation

Deliver Results

Using our proprietary methodology, Expert Team Members are committed to delivery excellence. We can successfully deliver results in small to large initiatives and projects. We listen | We have the Experts | We genuinely care about the results! Knowledge is one of the critical success factors. We understand it's imperative and that's exactly what we provide!

Don't Overpay For Experts!

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What are the ERP & HCM Solutions

Our Solutions are focused on provide cost effective solutions to quickly resolve your pain points and

accelerate & maximize your Return On Investment (ROI)!

Optimization, Functional & Technical Support

& Counsel

Optimization is helping the business functionally leverage the full functionality of the ERP & HCM, advanced features, tools & reporting, automation and digitization, just to name a few. At the end of the day it's about leveraging your ERP & HCM utilizing our proprietary methodology to get the ROI you should be!

Functional & Technical Support includes Tier/Level 1, 2 and 3 Support. We can provide one level or all levels! We can successfully become an extension of your existing team or completely manage the level. Our US based team of Experts can provide functional, technical & system admin support remotely in a very cost effective model.

Our Counsel is provided to your steering committee or leadership teams on anything regarding the ERP & HCM. This could include mergers, acquisitions, setting up new companies, integrations and much more. If it impacts the ERP & HCM system we'll be your trusted advisors!

Incremental Implementations, Upgrades & Integration

Incremental Implementations of modules/apps is a great way to instantly and sometimes dramatically increase your ROI and solve major pain points. We can manage the entire incremental implementation or help you with a specific area/activity. We will tailor a solution to fit you're exact needs.

Upgrade solutions, whether functional or technical, is something we can definitely provide you. Our Experts are highly trained and skilled in Upgrades. We have multiple upgrade approaches and we'll make sure the one that fits your needs is utilized!

Integration solutions are another specialty. We have over 20+ years in integrating ERPs & HCMs. We deliver solutions all types of integration solutions: flat file, database, asynchronous and web solutions integration using XML SOAP or JSON REST. Whether you're integration to another on premise system or a cloud based system we have the Experts to quickly and cost effectively deliver your solution

Individual Experts or a Team to provide Functional or Technical Solutions

Whether you're looking for just an Individual Expert with a specific set of ERP or HCM skills or a Team of mixed role Experts, we can deliver! We have the Supply Chain, Procurement, Finance and Human Resource Experts. These are US based Experts with on average 15+ years of experience. We have remote/off-site, on-site and hybrid models to fit your exact needs. We have exceptional solutions and will make sure the right Expert is working with you that has both the soft skills and hard skills to help ensure you are successful!

"I only know what I know. Belmero has enlightened me on the possibilities our ERP has to offer"

-Nancy, VP of Finance